Diamondly s Ziptie torture 0
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Diamondly s Ziptie torture 2

In this clips 19 y/o Diamondly is wearing nude stockings and a white garter belt and string thong. Her breasts are cruelly bound and her tormentor T.MGun is tieing her up hardly with tipties. First her hands, feet and legs then her elbows and upper body. Then Diamondly gets hogtied. Also her feet and toes will be bound and tortured. Then T stuffs Diamondly s mouth with tissue and buts a big black ziptie over. Diamondly moans. Now she gets a ziptie around her head and one with a tight nosehook. But its not enough now T puts wrap all around Diamondly mouth and head so she can't do any noice anymore only a very silent mmmppphhh... Completely helpless Diamondly struggles and moans for a long while until her tormentor shows mercy.