Red Latex Dress Pole Strapado 0
 Red Latex Dress Pole Strapado 1
 Red Latex Dress Pole Strapado 2

Adorable young Swiss maiden Diamondly sits on the deck out by the pool tethered by her neck to a straw sun unbrella to protect her from the hot Spainish sun. She wears a skin tight red vinyl mini dress, stiletto heels, ropes and a big red ball gag jammed between her teeth. Her arms are fused behind her back with ropes crushing her elbows tightly together more rope bites into her wrists and ankles. She struggles helplessly on the ground pulling at the rope tethering her neck to the pole but there is no escape. The Hunter comes and frees her neck from the pole and pulls her to her feet. He ties a rope to her bound wrists then pulls her arms up high behind her back and ties her wrists to a ring at the rope of the unbrells pole. Her head is down looking at her knees as he wraps more ropes around her forearms and the pole fusing her arms to the pole. With the poor girls strictly bound to the pole he runs the rope still tied around her neck down to her bound ankles. He forcess her to inch her feet closer to the pole then ties her neck rope to her bound ankles. He leaves her alone to struggle by the pool as the sun sinks lower in the sky. Diamondly sobs and cries into her gag knowing that with the sun down the nasty biting gnats and mosquitos will come out and feast on her tender flesh. (8:04 minutes)