Diamondly ties up sexy Stardust in tight jeans and overknees 0
Diamondly ties up sexy Stardust in tight jeans and overknees 1
Diamondly ties up sexy Stardust in tight jeans and overknees 2

This is my first ever clip where Im a nasty domme tieing up sexy natural redhead Stardust. Im wearing tight jeans and overknees with a white blouse. My rope slave stardust is dressed in a black bra and panty. First I tie up her ankles and legs, then her arms and elbows very tight. Now its time for the gag and I push a big red ballgag in stardusts mouth. Then I roll her on her belly on connect her arms to her feet in a tight hogtie. Now I let her struggle for a while..I start to be excited so I take some mean nipple clams on torture her cute boobs. Then I spank her as with my bare hand. I stand up and take my riding crop to whip her as again.  As I love stardust cute face I wanna ruin it and make her my sub piggy. I tie her a tight nose hook and film her cute face in close up. At the end of the clip I cut the rope and remove her gag, nose hook. Then I count one, two, three and remove her nipple clamps which makes her scream from pain. I order her to say goodbye to her fans. here the clip ends.


Please be aware that sadly in this clip some times you see the camera man in the mirror. We are giving our best to not make this happen again. XX

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May 03, 2020 00:04 Zenitana ★★★★★ Stardust ist der absolute Wahnsinn. Habe die Kleine jetzt schon in mehreren Videos gesehen und bin vollkommen fasziniert! Wie kann eine Stute so unglaublich sexy, hübsch und unfassbar süß sein und gleichzeitig so extrem devot dabei aussehen? Hammer! Allein sie von hinten zu sehen. Wie sie ihre gefesselten Tatzen hinter ihrem Rücken hält, in welchem Sklaven-Modus ihr Kopf dabei geneigt ist, usw. Diese Details machen es zu einem großen Vergnügen, die Kleine in ihrem Element zu sehen. Bitte noch viel viel viel mehr davon, danke!
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