Hard chair tied and tortured in blue twine 0
Hard chair tied and tortured in blue twine 1
Hard chair tied and tortured in blue twine 2

In this clip Diamondly wears nude nylons and a white garter belt as well as a white string. First Sasori ties up her hands, then he cruelly bind her small tits. Diamondly suffers but she won't make any noise. Then Sasori orders her to sit down and ties up her legs and a puts some painful rope around her toes and feet. Then its time for her elbows. He ties them completely together and doesn't give her any change to escape. Diamondly moans from pain and he wants her to shut so he puts tight rope around her face throw her mouth. Then he tortures her tits and outs his hand over her mouth. Now strictly tied to the chair he puts her and the chair on the floor where she suffers for more minutes. He also ties her hair to the chair to stretch her head back ready to be used. After a lot of struggling and soabing he slaps her face and tickles her feet and then starts to untie her The clips ends with Sasori removes DIamondlys breast bondage and a camera close up of Diamondly's face suffering and screaming.